Distance Learning Updates

Message from the Rancho Counseling Team during distance learning

While the Rancho Counseling Team understands that in-person counseling is ideal, we have a system in place to communicate with your counselor.

Your counselors are available via email Monday through Friday. Students and families can email them to request a phone call or schedule a google virtual meeting.

As a reminder, below is the counseling team emails and alpha assignments:

Leonor Goff
 A-D leonor_goff@crpusd.org
 Mishale Ballinger  E-Lop  mishale_ballinger@crpusd.org
 Erin Lane  Loq-Rid erin_lane@crpusd.org
 Sandra Brito  Rie-Z  sandra_brito@crpusd.org
 Jess Hazlewood  College & Career  Jess_Hazlewood@crpusd.org

Distance Learning Resources for Students and Families

College & Career Center virtual site

CRPUSD Distance Learning Resources 

We Miss You So Much Counselor photo grid