ROP courses are designed with input from local employers and skills that students will learn are applicable in the real world.

ROP students make products, complete technical projects, learn how to use tools, work as a team, and have the chance to try their hand at a profession. In all ROP courses, students apply what they're learning in their academic classes and learn new skills that relate specifically to the working world.

ROP Courses Offered:

Computerized Accounting 1: In the course, students will learn the basic concepts of double-entry bookkeeping. Students will be provided with a realistic, integrated approach to learning accounting procedures, and will learn how to design an accounting system, analyze transactions, journalize and post transaction, prepare financial reports, and complete an accounting cycle.

Virtual Enterprise: This course trains students in business planning management, marketing and basic financial concepts while learning how to organize and operate a small business. Student will gain an understanding in the elements of a business plan and its effects on the success of a small business and will be able to demonstrate competency by preparing, describing, and presenting a basic business plan.

Business Management:Students who enroll in this course will gain an understanding of the basic theories and principle of business management. Students will learn strategies for effectively managing people, time, finances, and resources. During the second semester of this course, students will understand the elements of a business plan and its effects on the success of small businesses.

Auto Body Repairand Paint 1:This course will provide students with the entry-level skills required for auto body repair and refinish technicians. Students will learn about the importance of safe work practices in a body shop and will develop abasic understanding of automobile construction and basic repair techniques. Students will also learn to use power and hand tools required for basic repair. Arc, gas, and wire mig welding skills will also be taught.

Auto Body Repairand Paint 2:This class combines in-class and hands-on instruction activities. Student will be assigned class projects as well as be allowed to work on their own projects. The focus of instruction will be on metal working, surface preparation, body fillers, math and measuring, mixing and applying paint, refinishing equipment and technology, and safe work practices. Possible opportunities forfuture employment in the industry will be explored.

Auto CAD:In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of drafting in a modern, networked, computer lab using AutoCAD drafting software. The concepts and applications of orthographic projections, isometric representation, and basic dimensioning will be emphasized. Topics will also include line type conventions, lettering, freehand drafting, geometric construction, sections, and auxiliary views. Students will be introduced to 3-Dvisualization using computer wire frame and surface modeling techniques. Advanced students will learn 3-D modeling techniques and have an opportunity to use Auto-Desk's Inventor Software.

Energy and Water Resources:This course targets students interested in energy generation, water resource management, and public utilities. Classes will be held at the Sonoma Water Agency, and will provide students with the opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals inthe field. The two-year program will engage students in learning the theory, skills, and science associated with energy generation, including alternative energy sources and water resource management.

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