Senior Behavior Policy: Final 45 Days of School

As graduating Seniors in the last 45 days of school, you are bound by a stricter moral and behavioral code than underclassmen. You are completing your four years of education and are responsible for conducting yourself in a manner above and beyond the younger students around you. While our final weeks of the year are dedicated to celebrating your academic accomplishments, the weeks preceding graduation are full of important events for your fellow students. While there may be an adolescent tendency to recklessly celebrate the end of your educational experience, Rancho Cotate High School is invested in ensuring that our school is a safe and academic environment for all our students throughout the final weeks of school.

Therefore, Seniors are expected to abide by the expectations and consequences set forth as follows....Every member of the Senior class has a duty to represent himself/herself, and the school in the best manner possible. This applies to your behavior both in school and out of school. You are expected to avoid situations where you might be accused of wrong-doing including hazing of underclassmen. While Senior pranks in good fun are permitted during the last week of school--Seniors are expected to refuse to participate in “Senior pranks” which are:

  • Aggressive in nature
  • Violent (or have even the slightest potential of provoking violence)
  • Destructive of personal or school property
  • Intended to humiliate or ridicule others (as individuals or as classes)

Any level B & C offense which occurs during the last 45 days of school will result in suspension and in Senior students NOT being permitted to participate in ANY extra/co-curricular activity. This includes activities like: Prom, Senior Activities and Graduation.

All Seniors are informed of this policy prior to the last 45 days of school during a class assembly. Should you have any questions about this policy, please speak to a school administrator.