Anti-Bullying Policies

Anti-Bullying Policies


Bullying is NOT tolerated at RCHS

The California Code of Regulations(Title 5, Section 4600 et seq.) requires the districts to adopt and publish procedures referred to as the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP) that provide for prompt and equitable resolution of discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and bullying complaints. Your student's Assistant Principal is the individual primarily responsible for resolving your complaint.

RCHS takes every complaint of bullying very seriously. Most bullying complaints are addressed and resolved within 24 hours; however there are times when ongoing bullying occurs after the intervention of an administrator---in these instances it is imperative that this be reported to your student's Assistant Principal immediately. The administrator will conduct an investigation, review the evidence, and interview the victim, witnesses and other student. Subsequently, the consequences for the bullying behavior will escalate for the other student. Repeated offenses will result in escalated discipline which could result in detention, suspension and even expulsion and/or a police report if they other student does not alter his/her bullying behavior.

It is important in these instances for both parties to refrain from any behavior which can be perceived as threatening, demeaning, retaliatory, or taunting. Such behavior only escalates the situation. If the reporting student engages in these aggressive behaviors after an administrator has intervened--the action will be considered mutual conflict and both students will be disciplined for their mutual behavior.

Formal Complaints

If you are a student, parent or interested third party or organization and you want to report an instance of discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying, a complaint must be filed with CRPUSD no later than six months from the date the incident occurred, or the date you first obtained knowledge that the incident occurred. CRPUSD has a complaint form available for your use. It is a good idea to make a copy of the complaint for the record.

Response to complaints

Within 60 days from the date of receipt of the complaint, the district shall conduct and complete an investigation of the complaint and prepare a written decision. During this process, the person responsible for the filing of the complaint is to be given the opportunity to provide evidence he/she believes supports the allegations. The district decision should include: (1) findings of fact; (2) conclusions of law; (3) disposition of the complaint; (4) the rationale for such disposition; (5) corrective actions, if necessary; (6) notice of the right to appeal the district’s decision to the California Department of Education (CDE) within 15 days; and, (7) the procedures to be followed to initiate such an appeal. If the school district fails to follow any of these rules a complaint can be filed directly with the CDE.


The district has 60 days to complete an investigation and provide a written decision to the person filing the complaint. If the person disagrees with the findings of the investigation he/she has the right to appeal those findings within 15 days of receiving the decision to the CDE. In addition, an appeal to the Department can be filed should the district fail to provide a written response. This appeal must be received by the Department within 15 days of the date the response was due.