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Special Education

Depending on the level of support needed to be successful, RCHS offers varying levels of supports for students with special needs.


Students who are exiting special education services are monitored regularly in regular general education classroom setting without Special Education support service for up to one year to ensure academic success.

Mainstreamed with Support:

In this program, students are placed in general education core academic classes, but receive academic support through RSP Study Skills. RSP Study Skills offers students extra help and time needed to complete their general education class work. Students earn 5 elective credits for RSP Study Skills.

RSP Support in the General Education Setting:

Students enrolled in supported sections of core academic classes are instructed by a general education teacher with the support of an RSP assistant. This program is often a step towards mainstreaming and can lead to the student being exited from Special Education services if agreed upon by the IEP team.

RSP Core Classes:

These classes are generally smaller and instructed by a Resource Specialist. The curriculum is modified and designed to meet the inpidual needs of each student. Placement in these classes is determined at Inpidual Education Plan (IEP) meetings.

Special Day Class:

These classes are for students who need intensive assistance to develop their academic skills. Classes are highly modified, are smaller than general education and RSP classes, and are instructed by Special Education Teachers who specialize in working with students with moderate to severe special needs. Each SDC class has an assistant as well, to help support students" academic progress. Coursework is designed to meet the inpidual needs of each student. Placement in these classes is also determined by the IEP team.

Special Education Courses Offered:

RSP Classes SDC Classes
English 9, 10, 11, 12 English I
Algebra 1 English II
Practical Geometry Math I
World History Math II
U.S. History World History
Government/Economics U.S. History
U.S. History Earth Science
Study Skills Life Science
  Personal Management I
  Personal Management II


Students who qualify for a 504 plan will receive support through accommodations and/or modifications in their general education classes. Generally, students who have 504 plans are not enrolled in any RSP or SDC classes.

For more information regarding Special Education Service please see the special education webpage.