Course Catalog & Academic Pathways

Course Catalog & Academic Pathways

Course Catalog

Please open the catalog to review the current course offerings and descriptions at Rancho Cotate High School. 

Honors and AP Pathways at RCHS

Rancho offers 18 Advanced Placement courses and 13 honors courses.  Students are also able to receive college credit and high school credit for 2 articulated honors courses with Santa Rosa Junior College. 

RCHS Elective and CTE Pathways of Study

The state of California has identified 15 Industry Sectors for the CTE pathways. Each sector contains multiple career pathways in which to develop Programs of Study. Rancho currently offers 12 pathways within 6 different industry sectors.  Rancho offers 3 additional career pathways of study outside of the industry sectors that prepare students for college and career.  Each CTE pathway typically is comprised of 2-3 courses. With Rancho’s 4x4 schedule, students can complete multiple CTE pathways in four years. 

Programs Offered at RCHS


The primary goal of Phoenix High School is to provide a supportive social structure along with academic interventions aimed at keeping students on target for graduation, while preparing them for their future career and college aspirations.

Additionally the staff is there to support their emotional needs.

Each day opens with a “Personal Power” experience in a homeroom environment where healthy choices and personal goals are explored. The core program offers English, Math, Science and History in a project based and integrated environment. All courses are taught by Phoenix staff with Phoenix students. Students meeting all graduation requirements will receive a diploma from Rancho Cotate High School. Students are selected for this program through an application process.


English Language Development (ELD) classes are designed to develop English Language Skills for non- native speakers. Through this program, students will be given the opportunity to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


Students within the Vocational Education Program complete curriculum designed to help smooth the process from adolescence to adulthood. This program provides a comprehensive academic and vocational program that helps to achieve the maximum level of independence, productivity and fulfillment. The program offers an especially strong focus on vocational skills and employment. Students will participate in hands-on job preparation in a variety of fields, enabling students to discover, learn, and work in areas of interest.