Freshman Academies

Freshman Academies

Freshman Academies

Freshman at Rancho Cotate will be placed in an academy of their choice.
Each academy will feature a team of three teachers: (English, World History, and a focus area) who will share the same students, have the same prep period, and will coordinate interdisciplinary, integrated projects centered around the focus area.

The Academy focus areas are:

  • Law and Justice
  • Film & Broadcasting
  • Biomedical Science (Academy Class is Honors)
  • Management and Events
  • Design

Law & Justice

The three core classes consist of Intro to Law, English 9, and World History. Students will explore careers in fields such as law enforcement, politics, law, public service, criminology, and psychology. Students will learn how laws are created, how societies have been shaped by their legal and justice systems, and how we can address problems in our own society. Skills and activities covered in this academy include: participating in mock trials, visiting courtrooms, developing effective public speaking skills, constructing effective arguments, and developing investigative techniques.

Film & Broadcasting

The three core classes consist of Film-Making 1, English 9, and World History. Students in this academy will learn the technical aspects of film making and broadcast, study films across cultures, and learn to critically evaluate media.

Biomedical Science
(Academy class is Honors)

The three core classes consist of Principles of Biomedical Science, English 9, and World History. Principles of Biomedical Science is a UC approved honors course. Students will explore careers in biology and medicine, conduct investigations into the death of a fictional person, explore the history and ethics of medical and scientific knowledge across cultures, and delve into first person accounts of the medical field.

Management and Events

The Management and Events Academy embeds the common themes of management, events, recreation, sports, travel, marketing and tourism throughout the year. These classes are aligned with the Common Core English standards. All English courses require an outside reading requirement per quarter.


Every object that you interact with on a daily basis in your home, school or public setting is the result of a design process. The Design Academy focuses on the design, creation, and impact of products and services. In this academy, the students will learn the language of design and how design and inventions have shaped history. Students will also work with a team to come up with a product concept, conduct market research, create a prototype, produce products, and market their goods.