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Issues Commission

Issues Commissioners 2017-2018: Dayana Auli and Tori Millendez
As Issues Commissioners, we are required to raise awareness of topics such as drugs, alcohol, AIDS, persity, disease and hunger. In 2014, we assembled colored ribbons onto safety pins to represent each of the awareness days to be distributed to Rancho students to raise awareness of these issues. During the month of October, we raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness. To reach our monetary goal for the ALS association, we offered 5 administrators and one teacher to be dunked in a ice cold dunk tank. We also coordinate the four schoolwide blood drives, the largest in the North Bay, which benefit the Blood Centers of the Pacific. Also, we plan the largest Canned Food Drive in Sonoma County and Unity Week, where we celebrate the persity of our campus through four days of presentation and performance.

Spirit & Rally Commisson

Spirit Commissioners 2017-2018: Brianna Davis and Jada Buckley
Rally Commissioners 2017-2018: Olivia Keeler and Noelani Lua
Spirit and Rally Commissioners have the school spirit in their hands. They are responsible for creating spirit days and plan rallies. They have to coordinate the games and performances for rallies. These commissioners are responsible for writing a script to know the rally order. The entire school is counting on Spirit and Rally Commissioners to build a spirited community to dress up and cheer for Rancho. This doesn't just help the spirit of the student body, it helps our community; it also helps our teams get pumped up and believe anything is possible. The Spirit and Rally Commissioners keep a running tally of the spirit point competition between the classes and plan the winner's reward each semester. We promote all the games and make sure students sign up for spirit points.

Clubs Liaison

Clubs Liason 2017-2018: Sophia Perez
The Club Liaison represents all of the clubs on campus to the Associated Student Body Government. This person's duty is to make sure all clubs on campus have rechartered every year along with passing the clubs applications and any fundraising forms during ASB Formal meetings. The Club Liaison keeps an updated list of all clubs on campus. The liaison keeps track of potential conflict in club fundraising. A Club Liaison incorporates activities that will gets clubs to be involved on campus and to have students be more involved during their four years of high school. The Club Liaison must be very organized and willing to incorporate new ideas to unify clubs on campus and make students want to be involved. Being a Club Liaison is a great position in ASB that gives you the opportunity to see all the different kind of clubs on campus, meet new people and communicate efficiently.

Elections Commission

Elections Commissioners 2017-2018: Jackie Diez and Jazmin Perez
The ASB Elections Commissioners are responsible for organizing and overseeing all aspects of Executive Elections, Class Council Elections, Homecoming Royalty, and Prom Royalty. Elections Commissioners make, distribute, collect, and tally all of the ballots. This commission establishes and publicizes any important dates involving the elections. Assisting all of the candidates with campaigning procedures and filing of petitions is part of the job description. Coordinating the ASB Council and Class Council speeches is required, too. Besides elections, we are required to make the Homecoming Float Competition ballots and find judges for the competition. It is our job to keep all of the information regarding elections and personal information confidential. Being an Elections Commissioner is a very fun job that requires responsibility, integrity, and like any job in ASB, hard work!

Entertainment Commission

Entertainment Commisioners 2017- 2018: Alexis Kellogg, Kristen Martinez, and Devin Deatherage
Entertainment is a thrilling job with many important duties. The most frequent task of Entertainment Commissioners is to make sure the voices of Rancho can be heard; we ensure that the speakers, sound system, and microphone are set up and ready to go when they are needed. We mix CDs for each rally as well as all the CDs for lunch time music. These CDs can range from country and pop to throwback and techno; whatever is needed to pump up the student body. Entertainment is also responsible for three main events. This commission showcases each grade’s enormous creative capacity when we plan and run the Homecoming Parade, we show off the flair of our Cougars in Rancho's Got Talent, and at the end of the year we shine the spotlight on our fierce Senior boys Rancho's annual GQ pageant. Entertainment is a fun and exciting commission filled with creative ideas, productions, and tons of music.

Publicity Commission

Publicity Commissioners 2017-2018: Katlin Slatt, Dianna Santorineos, and Emilia Torres
ASB is in charge of nearly every event that takes place at Rancho, and within ASB, the Publicity Commissioners are in charge of making sure that everyone knows about everything. It is Publicity’s job to let the student body, as well as other members of the community, know what is happening at Rancho. Within publicity, there are two different positions; an internal publicity commissioner and an external publicity commissioner. Internal publicity is in charge of keeping all the people in the school up to date on everything. This can be achieved in many ways - from making posters to updating the marquee. These can help to keep students aware of current events. External publicity is in charge of keeping outside members of the community up to date on the events happening within the school. This means keeping in touch with local newspapers and radio stations, as well as maintaining the school’s social media accounts. Overall, Publicity is a shared job, with each commission being equally as essential in order to spread good publicity about everything Rancho.

Athletics Commission

Athletics Commissioners 2017-2018: Faith Harvey and Stormy Anderson
Athletic Commissioners communicate mostly with the school’s athletic programs, the Athletic Director, and the athletic coaches. The commission includes maintaining a list of all sports teams, the coaches, the athletes, and all the games as well as promoting sports spirit and sports games with posters and announcements every day. Other commissioners work with Athletics Commissioners by having music at the games and publicizing all games. The largest responsibility is posting, announcing, and collecting all the information for Athlete of the Week, every week. There are pink games for Breast Cancer Awareness month, so this commission helps out with those. Rancho is part of Battle of the Fans, and this commission is integral to the Cougar Crew.


Casey the Cougar 2017- 2018: Danielle Nafe
The duty of the ASB Mascot Commission is Promoting School Spirit, and being the Mascot. To be appointed to this Commision, you have to be creative, outgoing, very flexible, and very dedicated. Being the Mascot of your school is a big honor. The Mascot is the face of the school and that's a big role. As the Cougar, you need to be the top spirited kid on campus, and you must challenge other students and faculty to try to be more spirited than you. In every commission you need to be a leader, but as the Cougar you're representing your school. The Cougar needs to represent Rancho Cotate in a positive way. This commission supports Rancho by going to activities such as sporting events, school rallies, high-fiving athletes when they're announced at Break, and doing photo-ops with community members like NOAH or Sutter Women's Health Center when Rancho contributes to their organizations. To be a great Cougar is to dance, have fun, represent Rancho and put a smile on someone's face!

Senior Class Representative

Senior Class Representave 2017-2018: Mary Cabrera
The ASB Senior Representative is an appointed position in both ASB and Senior Class Council. The Representative is the official spokesperson of the Senior Class and Senior Class Council, acting as a liaison between ASB and the class council. The Senior Representative is also a representative of the class council in meetings with administration, faculty, ASB and other students. As a class rep, the Senior Rep is responsible for doing business on behalf of the Senior Class Council during ASB work times. The Senior Class Representative also helps the class council in putting on any Homecoming festivities involving the Senior Class (ex: floats/golf carts) in the fall, as well as putting on the Senior Class Airband performance in the winter. Along with the Senior Class Council, the Senior Rep also organizes Senior t-shirts/sweatshirts and creates Senior newsletters. Finally, the Senior Class Council produces Graduation, so the Senior Class Rep must help organize Senior Week, Senior Breakfast, the Senior Picnic, Senior Slideshow, the school gift, the class picture, and work with Administration to plan the program for Graduation. The Senior Class Council is also responsible for putting on any Homecoming and Prom fashion shows.

Junior Class Representative

Junior Class Representative 2017-2018: Kaitlynne Droubay
The ASB Junior Representative (along side with the Junior Class Council) is in charge of planning the Homecoming Dance, the Class Homecoming float, and Airband, and is in charge of planning Rancho's Prom. Although not required, the class council, along with the Junior Rep, can decide to make class shirts. The Junior Representative can also set up fundraisers for their class to raise funds for their account. The Junior Representative also informs their class about upcoming events, spirit days, and is the liaison between class council and ASB. Junior Representative acts as a bridge between both the ASB class and the Junior Class Council.

Sophomore Class Representative

Sophomore Class Representative 2017-2018: Louise Cabrera
In ASB, the Sophomore Representative is the official spokesperson for their class and their class council. They are required to represent their class and class council in any meetings with administration or faculty. The Sophomore Representative is the liaison between ASB and class council. The Sophomore Representative is responsible with their class council to raise money for Junior year when the Junior Representative and his or her class council puts on Homecoming and Prom. Along with their Council, the Sophomore Rep is in charge of the Sophomore Homecoming Float/Dance in the Fall, and Airband in the Winter. The Sophomore Rep is the face of the Sophomore class and is expected to positively represent his or her class. The Sophomore Representative is also in charge of a Turnabout Dance when it is approved by Administration.

Freshmen Class Representative:

Freshmen Class Representatives 2017-2018: Trinity Yamanoha, Connor Johnson, and Sammy Ochoa
This commission is filled by two Freshmen who equally split the duties. Freshman Representatives are expected to attend all Formal and Class Council Meetings as well as being the liaison between the Freshman Class Council and the ASB class. Along with their Council, they are in charge of the Freshman Homecoming Float/Dance in the Fall, and Airband in the Winter. Freshman Reps are the face of the Freshman class and are expected to positively represent our class. We help make sure that the Freshmen are acclimating to high school life. Part of our job is encouraging our class to be as spirited as possible to gain spirit points for our class.