volunteers handing goods to the people

Canned Food Drive

The Canned Food Drive begins on Monday, November 26th!  

ASB will be dropping off boxes/crates to your 3* classrooms on Tuesday, November 27th. If you would like more than one, or a larger box, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate.

Our pick up dates will be:

November 28th (B Day) Wednesday
November 30th (B Day) Friday
December 3rd (A Day) Monday
December 4th (B Day) Tuesday
December 5th (A Day) Wednesday (pick ups will be for both A and B homerooms)

The Pick Up will end at the beginning of lunch on the 5th.

If you need to schedule more pick ups, please don't hesitate to ask!  

For the competition, we count both by Grade Level and by Teacher!

Again, all non-homemade, non-perishable food (excluding ramen and water, or anything in glass) will be accepted this year in any size; however, family-sized portions of protein-rich foods are preferable.  Our goal is 10,000 pounds of food to help our Cougar Community!