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English/Language Arts

The English-Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools, Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve represents a strong consensus on the skills, knowledge, and abilities that all students should be able to master in language arts at specific grade levels during 13 years in the California public school system. Each standard describes the content students need to master by the end of each grade level (kindergarten through grade eight) or cluster of grade levels (grades nine and ten and grades eleven and twelve). In accordance with Education Code Section 60603, as added by Assembly Bill 265 (Chapter 975, Statutes of 1995), the Leroy Greene California Assessment of Academic Achievement Act, there will be performance standards that "define various levels of competence at each grade level . . . [and] gauge the degree to which a student has met the content standards." The assessment of student mastery of these standards is scheduled for no later than 2001.

Link to the full text of the English Language Arts Content Standard at the CDE