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Executive Board Commissions


President 2017-2018: Kyla Johnson
The ASB president is responsible for representing the Student Body in meetings with administration and faculty; as well as representing Rancho, as a whole, in public and at student body functions. The ASB president is also responsible for holding all commissions accountable for their work, and insuring each commission is functioning properly and efficiently. Furthermore, it is a president's duty to understand and interpret the school's constitution. In addition to fulfilling the president's duties, the ASB president must also be able to assume any role in the classroom (including the role of advisor in her absence).

Vice President

Vice President 2017-2018: Grace Henderson
The Vice president has the responsibility of performing the job of the president when he is not available or is asked to do so. Along with that he/she is responsible for supervising and coordinating all committees created or led by the president. The Vice president must also interpret the constitution to the best of their abilities, along with accepting and proposing amendments when needed and being aware of out-of-date sections. The Vice president is responsible for Leadership class shirts and sweatshirts, communicating with the ASB Advisor, and co-coordinating the leadership retreat. The Vice president is also responsible for taking charge and running classroom discussions, as well as being the go-to person for the president.


Secretary 2017-2018: Raquel Mancilla
The ASB Secretary's job primarily consists of recording all formal meetings and discussions held in the classroom. The Secretary updates the public formal minutes binder held in our school office for our community to browse through. In this binder is all of our formal meetings on paper, it includes what the ASB Leadership class has been up to, all of the checks passed, and details on specific commissions. Along with that, the Secretary coordinates with the Vice president to write drop-ins, which are school announcements that are read in designated classes every Monday. For every rally, the Secretary creates passes for all of the students performing in the rally to inform their teachers of their absence and collect them the day of the rally. As part of Executive Board, the Secretary helps to control the class and grade the commissioners and each other.


Treasurer 2017-2018: Nafe Nafe
The Associated Student Body Treasurer has many responsibilities. The Treasurer oversees all of the accounts on Rancho's campus. Weekly, the Treasurer gives a financial report, passes checks, approves refund requests and transfers, and gives the Class Representatives their account balances. The Treasurer also works closely with the rest of the Executive Board (president, Vice president, Secretary, and School Board Representative) to grade the class and plan fun activities like team building days and the occasional party. The ASB Treasurer also works closely with the ASB Bookkeeper to keep on top of Class, Club and Athletic Accounts. The Treasurer is in charge of collecting money for ASB fundraisers or when donations are collected for the ALS Association or for Sutter Women's Health during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To be the ASB Treasurer, you need to be organized, focused and ready to work.

School Board Representative

School Board Rep 2017-2018: Samantha Mckinley
The Student Body School Board Representative is the liaison between the students of Rancho Cotate High School and the Cotati-Rohnert park Unified School District. The School Board Representative attends monthly School Board meetings to represent the student body. Inform the district of any events going on at Rancho to boost its public reputation as well as being in charge of all staff and teacher appreciation throughout the school year such as letters, brunch, and awards is part of the duties of School Board Representative. As a member of the Executive Board, the School Board Representative helps lead the ASB class and set an example for the school. Contributing to all ASB-sponsored events and activities such as rallies, announcements, fundraisers, and competitions is also part of the overall job description.