Pregnant Student Resources

Pregnant Student Resources

Here Are Some of Your Rights

  • You can stay in your current school or program.
  • You cannot be excluded from any school program you qualify for, including magnet, honors or special education because of pregnancy or parenthood.
  • If you are pregnant, you may choose to attend one of the voluntary specialized programs for pregnant students.
  • If you are a teenage parent and need child care, you may be able to transfer to a high school or educational program with a child care center on campus. You can also get a referral to a community agency that can help you arrange for off-campus free or low cost child care.
  • You can attend one of the alternative programs that can help you stay in school, such as Alternative Education and Job Corp, a Continuation School or an Independent Study Program.

If You Have Dropped Out Of School Or Fear You May Have To Drop Out:

You can get help to find a program that will make it easier to return and graduate or one that will help you prepare for the General Educational Development Diploma (GED) test, or the California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE). But before deciding to get a GED instead of finishing high school, think about your goals for the future. Getting your GED or passing CHSPE does not make you eligible to attend Cal State or U.S. colleges, and is not as helpful for getting a job as a high school diploma. Get the help you need to continue your education and to look forward to a better future for yourself, your child and your family.


Are you a pregnant or parenting teen?... Help is available. Protect your Future Stay in School!

As a pregnant or parenting teenage student, you have the same right as any other student to continue your education.

Also, you are legally required to attend school if you are 18 or under.

Teen Parent Connections 

Rancho Cotate High
5450 Snyder Lane
Rohnert Park, CA
Phone: 707-792-4754


Our counseling team is here to help you!

When you are facing a lot of problems that make it hard to stay in school or go back to school, you can get help to tackle those problems. School staff can help you get connected with a school program that can work for you. If something else stands in the way, they can also give you information about child care resources, counseling, health care, parenting and support groups, and other assistance you may need to stay in school. Talk to a counselor, school nurse or psychologist, the principal, or a teacher at your school. Keep asking questions until you get the help and information you need. They are there to help you!

Sonoma County Support for Teen Parents

The California Pregnant and Parenting Youth Guide has information you might need to know about your body, being a parent and laws that might affect you.

Text "HOOKUP" to 61827 to get started; then CLINIC + your zip code to find a clinic near you:

  • Birth control including condoms and emergency contraception
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling
  • STD testing including HIV

Counselors are available to assist you with your choices.