Transcript Requests

Transcript Requests

FORMER Students Transcript Requests

For FORMER students of Rancho Cotate, El Camino & Phoenix High Schools:
Please contact Erin Nelson at / 707-792-4763, or Salma Santorineos at / 707-792-4769. Provide the following information with your request:

  • First and last name at the time of attendance & Year of Graduation/attendance
  • Date of birth
  • Number of official (signed/sealed) OR unofficial (not signed/sealed) copies requested
  • Delivery Option & address/Fax #: Mailed, Emailed, Faxed OR Prepared for Pick-Up

Requests are completed in 24-48 hours. Requests for pick-up are available 9:00am -2:00pm, M-F.

During the summer months (mid-June through July), transcript requests are processed at our District Office, 707-792-4700.

CURRENT Students Transcript Requests

Before making your transcript request, make sure to check the transcript submission process at your college campuses.

Please note: We do not mail copies of transcripts to students’ homes. We will mail FINAL transcripts for graduating Seniors in mid-June, by request only.

Unofficial Transcript Requests

When completing college applications or scholarships, you may need to request an unofficial of your transcript. Unofficial transcripts have all the information of your transcript, but are not signed/sealed by our Counseling office.

To get unofficial transcript information, there are two options:

  1. Go to PowerSchool and access your Transcript tabs to see all the information located on your transcript. This is the recommend option for students requiring transcript information for RCHS course registration, and to locate basic transcript information for applications.
  2. Request an unofficial copy of your transcript from the Counseling Office. See instructions below on requesting physical transcripts. This is recommended if you do not need an official copy but need to supply your transcript.

PowerSchool Transcript Tabs: How to Access




Physical Copies

For all physical copies (non-electronic copies for colleges/scholarships, unofficial or official), please contact

If your college accepts electronic transcripts, please follow the instructions for electronic transcripts below.

Provide the following information with your request:

  • First and last Name, student ID#, grade & date of birth
  • Number of Official (signed/sealed) or Unofficial (not signed/sealed) copies requested
  • Delivery Option & email address, if applicable: Prepared for pick-up or emailed

Requests are completed in 24-48 hours. Requests for pick-up are available 9:00am-2:00pm, M-F.

Electronic Transcript Requests (for colleges)

For most college applications, you often need to request an official copy of your transcript to be sent electronically to your campus(es). To make official electronic transcript requests, you will use Naviance.

  • If your college campus accepts electronic transcripts, please start your process by requesting it through Naviance. IMPORTANT: Always access Naviance through
  • SEE THE TUTORIAL BELOW. More info on requesting transcripts is available on the virtual CCC site on the "Naviance" page. And Naviance has also provided a tutorial here:
  • The counseling office checks transcript requests frequently, and they are typically filled in 1-2 business days.
  • Once your request is completed, you will see your request marked as "mailed" in Naviance. "Mailed" indicates your transcript request has been completed.
    • If you requested a transcript for a college, "Mailed" indicates your transcript was sent electronically to the admissions office of your campus or sent through your Common Application.
    • No transcripts are mailed to student homes; if you need a paper copy please follow the instructions for requesting a physical copy above.
  • If there are any concerns with your request, you will be contacted by the counseling department.

If you have any questions about transcript requests, please reach out to Erin Nelson in the Counseling office at

Important: Naviance is not monitored during the summer months (mid-June through July). During this time, transcript requests are processed at our District Office, 707-792-4700.

Official Transcript Requests Video (click to start the Video)


DURING SUMMER MONTHS (mid-June through July)

During the summer months,  transcript requests are processed at our District Office, 707-792-4708.

  • Approx. 3 days for processing.   
  • In your email please include the following:
    • Will your college accept unencrypted signed email copies directly from the school or do you need them mailed in a sealed envelope.
    • An email address or the entire mailing address. 
    • If you have a student ID for the institution you are attending

All transcripts for the most recent graduating class will be uploaded automatically to the Santa Rosa Junior College and do not need to be requested.