Henri Sarlatte

Henri Sarlatte has worked in education since 1992.  After working at Center, Elk Grove and Natomas high schools in Sacramento County, he and his family returned home to Sonoma County in 1999.  He has worked at Rancho Cotate high school since 1999, serving as a Social Science Teacher, Track Coach, Football Coach, Athletic Director and Assistant Principal.  After growing up in Sonoma County, Mr. Sarlatte attended Sacramento State University, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Science and went on to earn his single subject teaching credential in Social Science.  In 2016, Henri earned his CA administrative credential from Sonoma State University and has served as Assistant Principal at Rancho Cotate ever since.  Mr. Sarlatte has been married to his wife, DeAnn, since 1992 and they have two beautiful daughters.  With deep connections to Rancho Cotate and the Rohnert Park community at large, working at Rancho Cotate had always been his professional goal since deciding to enter the educational field during his years attending Sacramento State.   

Please email me at:  Henri_Sarlatte@crpusd.org   (Students:  REN -Z)