Transcript Requests

Unofficial Transcript Requests

When completing college applications and preparing for registration, you may need to request an unofficial copy of your transcript. Unofficial transcripts have all the information of your transcript, but are not signed/sealed by our Counseling office.

To get an unofficial transcript information, there are two options:

  1. Go to PowerSchool and access your Transcript tabs to see all the information located on your transcript. This is the recommend option for students requiring transcript information for RCHS course registration, and to locate basic transcript information for applications.
  2. Request an unofficial PDF copy of your transcript from the College & Career Center ( or your RCHS counselor. This is recommended if you do not need an official copy but need to supply your transcript.

PowerSchool Transcript Tabs: How to Access

transcript tab 1transcript tab 1
transcript tab 1

Official Transcript Requests

For college applications and scholarships, you often need to request an official copy of your transcript. To make official transcript requests, you will use Naviance.


  • Regardless of the type of official transcript you need, please start your process by requesting it through Naviance. IMPORTANT: Always access Naviance through
  • SEE THE TUTORIAL BELOW. More info on requesting transcripts is available on the virtual CCC site on the "Naviance" page. And Naviance has also provided a tutorial here:
  • The counseling office checks transcript requests frequently, and they are typically filled in 1-2 business days.
  • Once your request is completed, you will see your request marked as "mailed" in Naviance. "Mailed" indicates your transcript request has been completed.
    • If you requested a transcript for a college, "Mailed" indicates your transcript was sent electronically to the admissions office of your campus or sent through your Common Application.
    • If you requested a personal copy of your transcript (for a scholarship or other need), "Mailed" indicates that your transcript is ready for pick-up from the school office.
    • No transcripts are mailed to student homes; any paper copies must be picked up at the school office once completed.
  • If there are any concerns with your request, you will be contacted by the counseling department.

If you have any questions about transcript requests, please reach out to Lacey Goff in the Counseling office at

Official Transcript Requests Video (click to start the Video)