Schedule Change Request Forms

The Class Change Forms are now closed.

If you need to meet with your counselor, please use the counselor meetings link.

Counselors will process all class change requests received by the deadline. Thank you for your patience as counselors review all schedule change requests.

Do you want to request a class change?
Do you have a missing class?
Do you need to drop or add a class?

For all class change/add/drop requests, please complete the electronic class change form for your counselor.
Class change requests for fall 2022 were accepted through
Monday, August 22nd, 2022 3:25 p.m. Schedule requests can no longer be submitted at this time.

Class change forms are available at the links below. 

Student Last Name A-Fa

Bowman Class Change Form

Student Last Name Fe-Kim, PHX, El Co

Erler Class Change Form


Student Last Name Kin-Ram

Lane Class Change Form


Student Last Name Ran-Z

Brito Class Change Form


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