AP and Honor Courses

Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

AP Courses: These courses are designed to reflect what is being taught in college/university courses. Students receive an external evaluation (the AP exam), which is scored by college faculty from around the world who verifies that the student has mastered college-level studies.

1) Students who enroll in an advanced class are not permitted to withdraw from the course after the first two weeks of the semester. Students who enroll in these courses are expected and required to commit to the full semester.

2) Students who enroll in AP courses are required to take the correlating Advanced Placement examination. These tests are roughly $80 each, the full amount is due at the start of the school year. Financial assistance is available to those who apply.

Students enrolled in multiple AP courses are required to take the AP examination for at a minimum of two examinations for each year that they take multiple AP courses. Students may select which two examination they take.

AP courses offer weighted GPA's for students on both high school and college record. This is how many students are able to achieve bettert han a 4.0 GPA.

Honors Courses: The instruction in honors courses typically move at a quicker pace than regular classes, and involve additional topics covered in greater depth. Students are not required to take an AP exam and honor classes do not offer extra credits for completion.

Honors and AP Classes Offered:

Honors Courses

Advanced Placement Courses


Social Studies

English 9

World History

English 10

US History



Geometry 1


Algebra 2



English Language and Composition (11th grade)


English Literature and Composition (12th grade)

French 2


French 3


Spanish 2


Spanish 3




Physics B


French Language

Spanish Language

Visual Arts

Art Studio

*Recommendationsfrom teachers are required to enroll in both Honors and AP courses

*Summer assignments are required for AP courses.