English Learners Program

There are 5 different levels of ELD support classes that are offered here at RCHS:

Beginning: Students who are in the beginning stages of English language development will take 2 classes of ELD standard instruction daily.

Early Intermediate: As students continue to develop their English language skills, they will continue to receive support through an ELD standard course, and will be placed in a SDAIE support English class at their grade level.

Intermediate: As a student progresses from Early Intermediate to Intermediate level of support, they will continue to be enrolled in ELD standard courses and on SDAIE supported English class at their grade level.

Early Advanced: Students who are in the early advanced stage of English language development will be placed in SDAIE strategy English courses. Students will also take an ELD Learning Lab, to provide continued support in their English language development classes.

Advanced: Students who are within the advanced level are enrolled in a regular English class, and are provided with case management support. These students will be classifies as English proficient provided they meet all of the district's reclassification criteria.

ELD levels are determined by a combination of students" grades, ELPAC and other standardized tests scores, and teacher recommendations.

EL Bilingual Aides are provided in SADIE supported English Classes to assist students in their academic achievement through language interpretation support and instructional accommodations.

*ELPAC-English Language Proficiency Assessments for California

*SDAIE-Specially Designed Academic Instruction in English