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Khan Academy - The most effective Math, Science, Computer Science, Finance & Economic, Humanities, Test Prep - Tools there is.

Math A Tube

Literature Poetry Out Loud - Browse the online anthology for Poems and Performance, Teaching Resources and Competitions

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

GradeProof: proofreading for Google Docs. Instantly correct spelling, grammar and phrasing with GradeProof.

Career Exploration Websites By Founder Mr.Doug.Jones "Learn How To Become"

Salpy Baharian, M.Ed

Founder ~ - Education and Career Resource -

Affordable College options

By Ms. Deb Molfetta ~ Outreach Coordinator for,,,

Teen Issues - Teen-Issues

Teen Lifelines

The Center for Discovery

Troubled Teen 101

Help My Teen Teens Today

Peer Pressure - Teen Issue The Price of Fame

Economics Classes - Financial Aid Help


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A Guide to Online Medical Assisting Programs -How to become a Teacher How to become a Firefighter How to become an Accountant How To Become A Medical Assistant HHow to become a Nurse

By SCOE - Administrator: Mr. Dan. Blake and Mr. Michael Holley

Career Information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics - 2012-13 Edition

Career Zone

How to find Summer Jobs

How to find Summer jobs, Schools, International support, Vacation-camps for Teens, for Teachers, Students and Parents...

World History

Women in World History

American Industrialization

Industrialization of the United States 1865 -1914

American Cultural History 1900-1990

Civil War Resource

Civil War - Military records

Time Line of the Civil War

Spark Notes: The Civil Rights Era

The Civil War Fact-Sheet

IInteresting Facts about the Civil War

US.Civil War Civil Rights Timeline Flower - Power - America in the 1960

The Long-Term Effects of Colonization in the Americas

Columbus Day: Celebration or Controversy?

Why we should not celebrate Columbus Day.

Should the US continue to honor Columbus Day?

Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress

History Classes

United States Constitution

National Archives

U.S Constitution Online

Almanac of Policy issues

The History Place-Vietnam War -

Documents of the Japanese American Internment

Manzanar-America's Concentration Camp -National Historic Site

Portraits Of Manzanar

Camp Harmony Exhibit

War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona 1942-1946

Confinement and Ethnicity - An Online Book

Heart Mountain Relocation Camp

442nd Regimental Combat Team

Abundant Dreams Diverted

From Fences to Freedom

Japanese-American Internment Online Exhibit

Relocation of Japanese-Americans (Pamphlet)

The Kooskia Internment Camp Project

Tule Lake Internment Camp

A More Perfect Union-Japanese -American

Discovery and Colonization of the New World (1492 - 1763)

Spanish Classes - Sitios Del Web

Arana (mostly advanced) BBC (all levels) Instituto Cervantes (various formats) Kelm (listening at all levels) Nelson (mostly intermediate) Quia TYPE 'PRETERITO' IN SEARCH FIELD (mostly beginning) Stroud (varied levels) Szego (all levels) Elma Eagles Spanish 2

Polot - Angelcitiesgameslyg

Becker - Spanish 3

Spanish Tongue Twisters - Trabalenguas

Live Interview with Bayoan - from Puert Rico

Spanish Grammar Activities

Verbos como gustar ejercicios y practica en Internet Gustar and Other Verbs Used with Indirect Objects Verbs Like Gustar Quiz Oraciones variants


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Creating a Community of Avid Readers, Video - Digital Book talks

Awesome Stories - Primary Source

TED - Idias worth spreading

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This I Believe

Creating Our Own Happiness

I didn't Wash My Car Last month

My Father Told Me I Was Fat

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Global Forum / Big Think

Academic Earth

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