Student Activities

Important Dates 2015-2016

First Semester

Second Semester

August 3rd -7th - ASB Camp

August 13th - Student Orientation

August 19th -First day of semester/Early Release

August 28th - Early Release Day

August 31st - September 4th - Spirit Week

September 4th - Back to School Rally

September 7th - NO SCHOOL

September 9th -Back 2 School Night/ Early Release

September 10th - Blood Drive

September 12th - ACT

September 15th - Cougar Crew Volleyball v. Newman

September 24th - Cougar Crew Girls Soccer v. Ukiah

October 2nd - Girls Soccer Pink Game

October 8th - Frosh Football Pink Game

October 12th - NO SCHOOL

October 13th-16th - Spirit Week

October 14th - PSAT

October 16th -Homecoming Rally/Football/End 1st Quarter

October 17th - Homecoming Dance

October 21st - Choir Concert

October 23rd - Pink Football Game

October 24th - ACT

October 26th-30th - Ribbon Week

November 20th - Early Release Day

November 10th - Blood Drive

November 11th-NO SCHOOL

November 16th - Dec. 2nd - Canned Food Drive

November 23rd -27th- NO SCHOOL

December 2nd - 4th - Winter Play

December 3rd-5th - Henry Sarlatte Mem. B-ball Tourn.

November 30th - December 4th - Spirit Week

December 4th - Winter Rally

December 7th - Fall Sports Awards

December 9th - 11th - Winter Play

December 15th -FINALS/Early Release

December 16th -FINALS/Early Release

December 16th - Band/Choir Concert

December 17th -FINALS/Early Release

December 18th - January 1st- NO SCHOOL

January 4th - First day of semester/Early Release

January 8th - Fall Spirit Point Award

January 18th- NO SCHOOL

January 29th - MeCHA Fiesta

February 6th - ACT

February 8th- NO SCHOOL

February 11th - Blood Drive

February 12th - Early Release Day

February 15th- NO SCHOOL

February 16th-19th - Unity Week

February 19th - Unity Week Assembly

February 29th - Winter Sports Awards

March 10th - WEILL Hall Band Performance

March 14th -18th - Spirit Week

March 18th - Early Release Day/End 3rdQuarter

March 21st-25th- NO SCHOOL

April 5th - ASB Elections

April 9th - ACT

April 13th - Drumline/Colorguard Performance

April 14th - GQ

April 15th - Early Release Day

April 26th - Blood Drive

April 29th - Prom Rally (tentative)

April 30th - Prom (tentative)

May 3rd - Class Council Elections

May 11th-19th - Cougar Olympics

May 14th - Band/Choir Concert

May 20th - Spirit Point Award

May 23rd - Spring Sports Awards

May 25th - Senior Awards Night

May 26th - 27th - Dance Concert

May 27th - Early Release Day

May 30th- NO SCHOOL

June 1st - FINALS/Early Release

June 2nd -FINALS/Early Release

June 3rd -FINALS/Early Release/Graduation